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How can physiotherapy help you?


Step 1 - Physical Examination

Each case we see is different. Our team assess your needs and provide a suitable treatment plan.

Our comprehensive assessment is in place to allow us to get to know your individual story and circumstances.

We will look closely at the following:

  • Your medical history and the onset of the current problem.

  • Your current management, such as what medications you are taking.

  • Physical Examination to assess where you are now.


Step 2 - Detailed Treatment Plan

A detailed treatment plan will be made, tailored to your specific circumstances, history and goals.


Whether you or your loved one are recovering from a stroke or after a joint replacement operation, a suitable and detailed plan will be made to help you regain your strength, coordination and confidence.


If you are battling an ongoing condition such as Parkinson's disease, an ongoing care program and plan will be discussed with you so that we can help you cope and adapt as your condition changes over time.


Step 3 - What is Neuro-Rehabilitation Physiotherapy?

Most people tend to think of physiotherapists as treating muscular and back problems or getting you moving again after an operation. This is absolutely correct, but Physios can help with more problems than you might think.

Here at SMARTPHYSIO, our experienced Neuro Physios have undergone additional post-graduate training. This training focuses on the nervous system and how it recovers after trauma such as a stroke or ongoing chronic conditions such as Parkinson's disease.


Step 4 - Recovery

Recovery means different things to different people, so whether your goal is to:

  • Walk without crutches.

  • Get back on the golf course.

  • Improve your balance and confidence.

  • Maintain your mobility.

We will tailor your home visit care program to match your circumstance and individual goals.


Step 5 - Continuity of Care

If you or a family member require temporary respite care it can be a very stressful and upsetting time.

To allow continuity of care and reassurance to our patients, our dedicated team can travel to your care facility and provide treatment there.

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