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How can physiotherapy help you?


At SMARTPHYSIO we recognise the value of getting stronger. Gaining strength has numerous benefits such as helping to perform daily activities, aiding injury recovery, improving balance, and enhancing the quality of life. It can additionally help with athletic performance and is essential for elite athletes to be at the top of their game and stay injury free.

Your physio’s role.


Helping you get stronger is a physiotherapist’s bread and butter. Our physiotherapists are experts in strength and conditioning, and most have additional postgraduate training in this field. Our team of Physios have helped countless patients to get stronger, from elite athletes to bed-bound patients.

Our physiotherapists can ensure that you are performing the right exercises for you and with the correct technique. They can also give you the accountability that is so often needed to achieve your goals.

At SMARTPHYSIO, we have a Pilates studio, a weights room, and a fully equipped gym. In all our clinic rooms, you will also find a range of equipment, such as yoga mats, balance boards and weights.

We are also happy to offer home visits to help you get stronger. Our physiotherapists can bring strength training equipment and weights with them, so you do not need to worry if you do not have any at home.

The initial consultation will comprise of:

  • Assessment of current lower limb strength

  • Assessment of current upper limb strength

  • Full clinical assessment

  • Evaluation of muscle function

  • Establishing strength goals

  • Introduction to different resistance equipment and tools

  • Formulation of a tailored exercise program

Subsequent sessions will build on this and focus on your strength-related goals.

Our physiotherapists can offer 1 on 1 exercise sessions with you to help you get strong.

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