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smartphysio academy


The Management team at SMARTPHYSIO are invested in your future.

The professional development of our physiotherapists is hugely important to us.

We know that in order to provide our clients with the gold standard level of care that we promise, we need a team who is striving to be the best that they can be and who have ambitions for their future.

It is our intention to provide our physiotherapy team with the knowledge required to take them one step further towards their own personal goals and reach our ethos of providing the highest quality of treatment and care to our patients.

Our In-House ACADEMY provides newly qualified and highly experienced
physiotherapists alike with training and development incorporating information on topics including pathology, patient management, rehabilitation and home visit protocol.

It acts as a guide to working in private practice providing us with an opportunity to take our skills to the next level and allowing us to share experiences and opinions together, encouraging learning amongst our incredible team.

Continued development is an important part of our philosophy, and we know that our ACADEMY instils the confidence and knowledge needed for you to reach your highest potential. Our training will hone your already-developed skills in accordance with the SMARTPHYSIO philosophy without taking away your unique and individual spark.


Together, through our ACADEMY, we can optimise our skills, broaden our knowledge and reach the pinnacle of our ambition. We look forward to taking this journey with you.

What is the format of the programme?
  • Our 3-month training programme will incorporate both theory and practical sessions covering different topics weekly.

  • 1 to 1 mentoring throughout the duration of the program with the aim of helping individuals set and reach their specific goals. Our Course tutor will be on hand to offer a 60-minute meeting or telephone call to discuss any queries the physiotherapist may have throughout the duration of the programme.


What topics are covered in the programme?

1. Initial contact

  • First consultation (diagnosis, timeframe, expectations)

  • First impressions (body language, verbal language, presentation) – therapist and patient

  • First perceptions (personalities)​

2. Patient management

  • Phone etiquette

  • Booking

  • Letters

  • Referrals

​3. Acute and chronic pain

  • Strains and sprains

  • Acute low back pain – assessment and management

  • Chronic pain – medication, emotions, diet and lifestyle, personal story, physical activity.

4. Ankle
5. Knee
6. Hip
7. Low back/sacrum
8. Thoracic and cervical
9. Shoulder
10. Elbow, hand and wrist
11. Home visit care
12. Neuro


Programme overview

Week 4-10

Each joint will cover: 

Subjective – how to conduct an efficient subjective assessment with specific questions for that particular joint. E.g. knee – any locking or giving way. Use of biopsychosocial model. Patient-specific goals. Developing a differential diagnosis.

Objective – observation, special tests. How to connect subjective assessment to lead an efficient objective assessment – clinical reasoning. Refining differential diagnosis and/or diagnosis. Linking purpose to chosen observations and tests.

Treatment – combining findings of subjective and objective assessments to develop a tailored patient-centred treatment plan. Written treatment plan.

Week 11&12

Home visits:

  • How to behave in someone else’s home

  • What to bring with you

  • Difficult home visit patient case study

  • Action plans


  • Initial assessment - how to conduct the perfect IA

  • Common neuro pathologies and their pathophysiology

  • Treatment strategies

Who will facilitate the course?

Brett will be the course tutor during weeks 4 to 10.
Eytan will be the course tutor for weeks 11 and 12.

When does the course start, and what are the dates/times?

The course begins on and will run for a 3 month period.

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