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Sports Injury


How can physiotherapy help you?


The most common sports injuries stem from overuse and direct impact. These include bruises, muscle strains, ligament sprains and joint injuries.


Physiotherapy is often the first point of contact for athletes at all levels of competition once an injury has occurred. This includes addressing injuries first-hand on the pitch, to chronic injuries caused by repeated overuse.

Your physio’s role


Your physiotherapist will start with a detailed assessment. This includes taking a comprehensive
medical history, performing physical tests and evaluating relevant signs and symptoms.

You will then be provided with a rehabilitation plan which includes a diagnosis, timeframe for return to sport, exercise program and prognosis. A bespoke rehabilitation plan is the cornerstone of physiotherapy, taking into account your lifestyle and the demands of your sport.

An initial physiotherapy consultation does not require a referral. Some sports injuries only require physiotherapy for a full recovery. If further expertise is needed, your physiotherapist, upon initial assessment, will guide you through the necessary steps.

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