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Our team at SMARTPHYSIO have a duty to respect the dignity and sensibilities of all our patients as well as their own right to work in a safe environment. We, therefore, follow The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists' guidelines regarding Chaperones to ensure the fair treatment of all, especially young people.

We are committed to ensuring that our patients feel comfortable at all times. Therefore, if you wish to bring an informal chaperone, friend or relative in for any treatment with you, then please do.

What is a Chaperone?

A Chaperone is an Adult acting as an impartial third party. A relative or friend of the patient is not an impartial observer and therefore is referred to as an informal Chaperone.

SMARTPHYSIO requires that children and young people under the age of 16 be supervised by an adult during examinations and treatment sessions. Patients over the age of 16 may request or be offered an informal Chaperone (such as a friend or relative) or a formal Chaperone (such as a staff member.)

In circumstances where a young person does not wish to have a chaperone, they must inform us immediately and be clear about their reasons which will be clearly recorded in their treatment notes.

If you would like a formal Chaperone

If you would like to have a formal Chaperone present, please inform us at the earliest opportunity, and we will take all necessary steps to provide one. If we are unable to provide a Chaperone for the time of your booking, we may need to reschedule your appointment, and we will request your agreement.

At SMARTPHYSIO, we do not provide any 'intimate examinations'. However, if a full examination is required, it may be necessary to remove some items of clothing. If you feel more comfortable, you are welcome to wear a sports bra, shorts or swimwear ready for your treatment. Patients should, at any time, request any level of privacy should they require.

For most patients and procedures, our respect, an explanation, consent and privacy are all that is needed. These take precedence over the need for a chaperone. A chaperone does not remove the need for adequate explanation and courtesy.

All staff at SMARTPHYSIO are aware that Chaperones are to protect both patients and themselves.

Special consideration will be given to examinations performed on home visits or during online, video or telephone consultations.

If you wish to read our Chaperone Policy in full detail, please refer to The Chaperoning and Related Issues policy on The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists' website.

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