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How can physiotherapy help you?


The symptoms of a vertigo attack can make it feel like life is on hold, as the simplest things, like turning your head, can leave you suddenly feeling unwell and vulnerable.

Most people tend to think of physiotherapists as treating muscular and back problems or getting you moving again after an operation. This is absolutely correct, but physios can help with more problems than you might think.

At SMARTPHYSIO, our Vestibular Rehab Physios have undergone additional post-graduate training. This training focuses on the nervous system and how the ear and brain work together to control our balance and coordination. Most importantly, it deals with what to do when something goes wrong, causing vertigo and dizziness.

This additional training enables our team to help people struggling with vertigo get back to doing what they love using our unique Vertigo Rehabilitation Program.

Your physio’s role.

Comprehensive vertigo assessment.

Each case of dizziness and vertigo we see is different. Our comprehensive 1-hour assessment is in place to allow us to get to know your individual story and circumstances.

We will look at the following:

  • Your history - how your vertigo started and how it affects your day-to-day life.

  • Your current management - such as what medication you may have been prescribed to help you cope with your dizziness.

  • Your triggers - it is vital for us to understand what brings your vertigo on and anything that triggers or makes it more intense, as well as anything you have found that relieves it.

Once we have got a detailed history of your vertigo, we will perform a thorough physical examination of:

  • Your balance

  • Your coordination

  • Your eye movements

  • Your nervous system

  • Your biomechanics -in particular, your neck

What’s involved in the treatments?

Every case of vertigo or dizziness that we see is different, and each treatment is tailored to your specific circumstances, history and goals.

Your treatment may include the following:

  • Hands-on treatment to your neck and shoulders. This may involve soft tissue massage and gentle joint mobilisation techniques.

  • Vestibular Rehabilitation exercises to address and improve issues with coordination and balance.      This really helps you to regain your confidence.

  • Positional Vertigo treatment which involves repositioning manoeuvres that help to reset the balance of tissues in your inner ear.

Ongoing Management

Vertigo can have a huge impact on your life and day-to-day activity levels. It can also reduce your confidence. Here at SMARTPHYSIO, we focus on making sure that you increase your activity levels, sports, and return to work in a managed way, that is appropriate for your specific condition and circumstances.

We will put together a thorough back-to-work/sport/life plan for you and discuss how to manage any residual triggers or symptoms, to put you back in control of your wellbeing and health!

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