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Complaints Policy


The Team at SMARTPHYSIO are committed to providing a high-quality service to all our patients. If something goes wrong or needs changing, we would like to know in order to improve our standards.

We value our relationships with our clients and endeavour to address any complaints within a satisfactory time and to a satisfactory outcome.

If you would like to make a complaint, then please follow the steps outlined below:

  • If you would like to make a verbal complaint, please either ring 020 7435 4910 or, alternatively, you can speak to us in person in the clinic. If for whatever reason, the person you speak to is not the most appropriate member of the team, the complaint will be passed on to the most appropriate member to be dealt with in a timely manner.

  • We may ask you to put your complaint to us in writing as this can help to address matters and give context and detail.

For written complaints or if we have requested you to provide your complaint in writing, please follow the format below:

  • Brief background leading up to the complaint.

  • Who was involved?

  • What is the complaint about precisely?

  • What action would you like us to take to resolve it?

Upon receipt of your complaint, we will acknowledge it. We will endeavour to reply within an appropriate timeframe.

However, exceptions may be made in times of staff holidays or exceptional circumstances.

We will then investigate the complaint by:

  • Passing the complaint to the practice principal or appropriate member of staff.

  • Resolving any issues and coming to an agreed satisfactory outcome.

  • Scanning and storing the information safely in a secure online file storage system which is username and password protected.

If appropriate, we may invite you to discuss the issue with the aim of:

  • Resolving all complaints in an amicable and satisfactory fashion.

  • Learning from our mistakes and processes.

  • Retaining relationships with our clients.

We do, however, recognise that not all complaints can be resolved in a satisfactory manner, and if we are unable to do this, then we will either:

  • Arrange for another independent person within the practice to resolve the matter.

  • Suggest you contact the Health Care and Professions Council at

For complaints addressed towards another member of the team from a colleague or student:

  • The complaint should be documented either in letter or email format and given to an appropriate member of the team e.g. if the complaint is about X, then handle the complaint with Y.

  • Issues arising from the above will then be dealt with in an appropriate manner according to the nature of the complaint.

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