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California Dreamin’: Sleep expert puts Volkswagen California to the ultimate ‘rest test’ for a good

18 October 2023

Chartered Physiotherapist and Sleep expert, Sammy Margo, has given the Volkswagen California a five-star rating for sleep comfort and overall wellbeing.

California Dreamin’: Volkswagen California “offers great night’s sleep”

Chartered physiotherapist and author of The Good Sleep Expert, Margo, was so impressed with the VW California’s bed that she concluded that the camper could help optimise sleep after a day of exploring.

An estimated 7.5 million Brits suffer from poor sleep*, with the lack of rest posing a threat to their mental and physical health, according to medical professionals.

As part of her research, Margo spent a week living with a Volkswagen California 6.1 Ocean during which she measured the numerous factors that help promote a good night’s sleep against the conditions within the Volkswagen California. Margo concluded that the campervan had performed well with regards to comfort, temperature and mattress firmness, which all help with better sleep quality and improved circulation, making for a comfortable night’s rest.

Further, Margo found that additional lifestyle factors that promote rest - such as physical exercise, blocking out artificial light, disconnecting from devices and connecting with the body’s circadian rhythm – were much more likely to be realised when camping out.

Sammy Margo, Sleep Expert commented: “Sleeping outdoors offers myriad benefits in helping promote good sleep, including improving mental and physical wellbeing and helping connect campers with their natural circadian rhythm. It is my belief that a good night’s sleep under the stars has the potential to act as a circuit break and ultimately encourage more restful sleep.”

California Dreamin’

The California 6.1 is the ideal travel and leisure camper van, offering high-quality interior fittings, including two sleep-enticing mattresses. Both mattresses offer medium-firm support which has been linked to better circulation, reduced back pain and even better recovery from muscle fatigue, which will be welcomed by adventurers.

Downstairs, a two-seater bench can transform into a two-person bed (2000x1500mm). To aid sleep, the mattress is made from high-density polyurethane foam – for support – and is coupled with a high-density memory foam topper, complete with an air mesh, which provides temperature control. It is designed to minimise the transfer of movement across its surface, ensuring the movement of one occupant does not disturb another.

Upstairs, users will find a fully sprung loft bed, with flexible springs, which adapts precisely to the person to improve sleeping comfort (2000x1200mm).

Margo continued: “After a day of adventuring, the last thing anyone wants is to go back to a bed that's uncomfortable and unsupportive. What’s really needed is a great night’s sleep, to ensure that you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to get exploring again – you certainly don’t want a holiday ruined because of backache and a bad night’s sleep!

“Thankfully, the Volkswagen California’s bed and mattress, while practical and able to fold-away for travel, offers outstanding support and comfort, to allow holidaygoers to get on with their adventures stress- and pain-free!”

Sammy Margo’s top sleeping tips for adventuring/ adventures in the California

1. Fresh air: get plenty of fresh air and daylight exposure, which allows you to set your circadian rhythm and allow for a better night’s sleep. Getting out in the country air helps to set your body clock – and don’t forget to leave the windows slightly ajar – or the bellows in the roof unzipped – to continue the circulation of fresh air.

2. Nature: Being at one with nature has a calming effect and reduces cortisol. Taking ‘nature time’ can help to lower your cortisol levels and aid restful sleep.

3. Stress-free travel: no check-ins, no luggage limits, no queues, and no airplanes. This makes a huge difference to stress levels which in turn impacts sleep quality. You can pack as much or as little as you need with plenty of storage space.

4. The ‘pod effect’: to avoid 'first night syndrome' - whereby you can’t sleep well as your brain is watching over you in unfamiliar surroundings - create a cosy, 'womb-like' pod. ‘Sleeping in a cosy womb-like’ zone meant that I didn’t have that ‘first night effect’.

5. Make a home from home: taking your own duvet, pillows and blankets makes a huge difference. The familiar feel, smell and texture can make you feel more at home and help to give you a more restful night’s sleep.

6. Take your own props: remember to take your eye mask, ear plugs and favourite calming fragrance (mine being lavender) so that you can make the most comfortable space and minimise disturbances. Otherwise, use the two black-out roller blinds to create a night space.

7. Pace yourself: with our busy stressful lives, the Volkswagen California allows you to be free and go at your own pace. Get into a flow which can have a positive impact on your life, productivity, and well-being.

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