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Delighted to have a visit from Kush Joshi at Sammy Margo MSc MCSP MMACP HCPC AACP to discuss the conservative management of frozen shoulder(adhesive capsulitis)

Here are my top 10 suggestions in the conservative management of frozen shoulder:


2. Recent studies have highlighted the importance of specific exercise programs for frozen shoulder.

3. Various modalities such as heat, cold therapy, acupuncture and electro therapy

4.Manual Therapy

5. Patient Education and Self-Management including sleep positions beds and mattresses as well as bras and bags!

6. Corticosteroid injections

7. Evidence-Based Pain Management

8. Home Exercise Programs

9. Patient-Centre Care

10. Multidisciplinary Approach

In conclusion, the conservative management of frozen shoulder continues to evolve based on the latest evidence and research. Given the multifactorial nature of the condition, a comprehensive approach that includes physical therapy, exercise programs, modalities, manual therapy, patient education, evidence-based pain management, individualised home exercise programs, patient-centre care, and a multidisciplinary approach is crucial for optimising outcomes. It is essential for healthcare providers to stay updated with the latest evidence-based guidelines and recommendations in the conservative management of frozen shoulder.

And if you have a frozen should please call us on 020 7435 4910 to boo and appointment

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