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Why do some articles go viral and others don't?

Having written and contributed to thousand of articles over the past 30 years I have noticed that it's difficult to predict articles which grab the interest of the reader more than others.

For some reason I am aways drawn to cat and quirky stories as well as randomness.

Some of my features that have grabbed global attention have included:

Football injuries

Sleeping naked in the Winer

Pregnancy and Sleep

High heels are good for you...

Sleeping Positions

Anything to do with Women and Football

Back pain

Why leggings are bad for you?

And there are so many more but none are linked

So here are my observations for making articles stick:


Articles that address current events, trending topics, or timely issues tend to attract more attention and shares as they are more likely to resonate with a larger audience.

Emotional Impact

Content that triggers strong emotions, such as joy, anger, surprise, or sadness, tends to be shared more as it resonates deeply with readers.


Articles with easily digestible formats like lists, infographics, or videos are often more shareable as they are quick to consume and easy to understand.

Network Effects

Sometimes, influential individuals or platforms share an article, causing a snowball effect as their followers also share the content, significantly increasing its visibility.

Engagement and Interactivity

Articles that encourage user engagement, like polls, quizzes, or interactive elements, tend to get shared more as they involve the audience in the content.

Headlines and Thumbnails

Catchy headlines and eye-catching thumbnails play a significant role in attracting initial attention. They serve as the first impression and can compel users to click and share.

Platform Algorithm

Social media algorithms might favor certain types of content based on user behavior, making some articles more visible to a wider audience.

Cultural Relevance

Articles that tap into ongoing cultural conversations, memes, or trends have higher chances of going viral as they are more relatable and shareable within communities.

Quality and Authenticity

High-quality content that's accurate, authentic, and well-researched tends to gain credibility and trust, making people more likely to share it with others.

Remember, while these factors increase the likelihood of an article going viral, predicting virality can be unpredictable as it often depends on audience reception, timing, and a bit of luck.

And finally here is one of the recent articles that went global below

I'll be tracking to see if this article goes viral....

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