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This increase in heat particularly in this very late summer of 2023 may prevents the optimal release of your sleepy hormone melatonin and as a result sleep will be interrupted.

Ideally you will want the temperature in your bedroom to be somewhere between 16-18 degrees centigrade which is the optimum temperature for sleeping, as it encourages the release of melatonin, the sleepy hormone.

And if you haven't got air conditioning use a fan on a low setting cool the room as much as possible before bed by opening windows and closing curtains or blinds.

Having a warm shower or bath before bedtime trick your body into cooling as when you get out of the warm bath/shower the surrounding temperature is cooler and you will be cooled down which will help with the release of melatonin.

Having a cooler sleeping environment and better sleep hygiene is essential if you want to get to sleep easier in the heat. Close the windows and curtains mid-morning and open them later in the evening when the air has cooled somewhat. At night, maybe only sleep with the duvet cover.

Dehydration will put the body under even more stress, so be sure to stay hydrated through the day and have a bottle of water next to your bed for the night.

There are several items that can be used to help the hot sleeper get a better night’s sleep and with our current understanding of fabric technology you can make a huge difference.

  • Make sure nightwear is 100% cotton and just use the top sheet for sleeping.

  • Or try wicking pyjamas which can help keep the hot sleeper cool as can wicking bed sheets or even a cooling mattress topper on one side of the bed.

  • Try a lighter tog rated duvet. The tog rating is a measurement of heat with spring summer duvets coming in as low as 1.5-3 tog (by comparison winter duvets come in as high as a cosy 15 tog)

  • Surprisingly a wool duvet can also help in that it is heat regulating. What this mean is that it can keep you cool when you are hot and warm when you are cold.

  • And for some luxury and cooling try a silk pillowcase and bed sheets. These will not only help to keep your partner cool but also look and feel great with fringe benefits for your skin and hair

  • Less high tech could be separate duvets and a pillow between both sleepers so as to set up separate sleep zones.

  • And think about your sleep position. Lying on your back far cooler than in a foetal position

  • Keep a glass of iced water by your bedside and use a cool flannel where necessary.

  • When on holiday keep after sun or moisturiser in the fridge so it’s cool and soothing

Don't worry about not sleeping well.Most of us will find it hard to sleep well through a hot summer’s night. The more you worry, the more you stress. That will lead to busy thoughts and a tense body, which is the opposite of being calm and relaxed, two key ingredients for sleep.

Whether you struggle to get back to sleep after waking up during the night from the heat or can't fall asleep in the first place, it's better to accept the situation and relax, rather than trying to force yourself to fall asleep.


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