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Post-Operative Surgery Physiotherapy in your home

Are you scheduled to have surgery?

Following on from your procedure we will be able to visit you in your home or at our clinics.

In some cases, we can assess you before surgery and get your home ready for your return.

We have been seeing patients after surgery since we opened over 35 years ago, either in their own home or in our clinics. Over this time, we have built a reputation for providing high-quality post-operative care in London. More recently, we have been seeing patients online from across the UK and beyond who require physiotherapy assessment, advice, and education after surgery.

We work with the top consultants over London and will be in constant communication with your surgeon to make sure that you have the best possible care and that you are on track to meet your goals.

We treat patients following all types of surgery, including:

- Knee surgery or replacement

- Hip surgery or replacements

- Ankle surgery

- Cardiac surgery

- Abdominal surgery

- ACL reconstruction

- Spinal surgery

- Shoulder and upper limb surgery

What will post surgery physiotherapy involve?

After a comprehensive assessment, our physiotherapists will formulate a tailored treatment plan dependent on your surgery and individual need. Generally, post-rehabilitation physiotherapy involves working on:

- Reducing pain

- Reducing swelling

- Scar healing

- Improving walking ability and ability to transfer

- Advising on different types equipment

- Improve joint integrity and stability

- Improving function and ability to carry out daily activities

- Improving muscle strength

- Preventing future need for surgery

- Lifestyle advice

- Accompanying you to see the surgeon

- Accompanying you abroad if needed

For further information please do contact us on 020 7435 4910

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