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What's best for your breasts?

Physios say 'a good fit' is key to postural health

Latest figures show bra sales are on the up and many women and their partners are set to splash out on something special for Valentine’s Day. But are you buying what is best for your breasts?

Between 70-80 per cent of women still wear the wrong bra size and many choose not to wear a sports bra while exercising.

Physiotherapists are urging women to check their size before they buy and get a sports bra to help prevent discomfort from exercise and premature sagging of the breasts that only surgery can reverse.

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) has teamed up with chartered physiotherapist Sammy Margo to produce a breast care guide: Is your bra right for you?

Sammy says: ‘If you’re planning on splashing out on new lingerie for Valentine’s Day, undergo a professional fitting to help find the best bra for your shape. It is also worth investing in a sports bra.

While they are not considered sexy they can help keep your bust looking its best.’

Whatever the activity, wearing the wrong bra can cause a multitude of problems, warns Sammy.

Wearing the wrong bra size not only looks bad but also puts you at risk of various health problems.

It can lead to neck, shoulder, middle and low back pain, pinched nerve in the neck and sagging breasts – not a pretty picture. ‘Sports bras are essential for all women, especially those with a C-cup and above. Breasts are suspended by ligaments that will stretch from bouncing if not held firmly in position. If you are well endowed, an ill-fitting, unsupportive bra can cause you to slump and fold your shoulders forward,

and lead to painful postural disorders.’

Taking the right steps to ensure your bra fits correctly will make all the difference to your appearance, posture and self-confidence.

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) has produced new breast care advice to ensure all women get it right when purchasing and wearing a bra. It includes details on how to check your bra size; exercises to keep your breasts supported; the importance of wearing a sports bra; and making the most of your bra’s components. Use the Word download link below to view the breast care factsheet.

Notes to editors (1) Manufacturers’ sales figures derived from a study of 15,000 consumers. £646.5 million was spent on bras in 2005 – an increase of 5 per cent. Sports bra sales have risen by 18 per cent with sales reaching £19 million (The Scotsman, 2005).

For further information please call the CSP press office on 020 7306 6163/6616/6628 or mobiles: Prabh Salaman on 07795 564 240, Jennie Edmondson on 07786 332 197 or Becky Darke on 07900 160 349.

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy is the professional, educational and trade union body for the country’s 47,000 chartered physiotherapists, physiotherapy students and assistants.

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