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Are you a winner?

I was almost a winner this week

I came second this time and yes I was disappointed but deserved it as I had been focussing on work and my son's GCSEs.

Being a winner can be subjective and vary depending on the context.

A winner is someone who achieves success or victory in a particular endeavour and this needs:

Skill and Competence - as a physio exercise has always been part of my life

Hard Work and Dedication - always

Resilience and Perseverance - key to everything

Positive Mindset and Attitude - which can be tough at times

Goal Setting and Planning - 3 months of highly focussed planning

I worked very hard for this competition training daily, eating well, sleeping well, positive thinking and maintaining a good postures throughout my woking day.

All of these were key to getting this far, but it wasn't far enough.

As for my medal, well its always nice to get an award however small

Awards are one form of recognition, and other achievements and personal growth are equally significant.

I realise that my success should be measured based on my personal fulfilment, growth, and a positive impact rather than solely relying on external validation through awards.

I did enjoy it tho!

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