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Ante/Postnatal Physiotherapy and Mummy MOT

Pelvic health Physiotherapy provides specialist Physiotherapy for woman with bladder issues, pregnancy- related pain, pelvic pain and pelvic floor muscle dysfunction.

Our aim is to treat each patient as an individual and work in patient-centred goals.

Pregnancy is such a special time in your life and as a result you can be left feeling symptoms you have never felt before. Lots of these symptoms you don’t have to suffer with and there are treatments available leaving you to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy/motherhood without these symptoms.

Symptoms treated;

· Pelvic Girdle pain

· Back pain

· Neck pain

· Wrist and hand pain

· Rib pain

· Incontinence

· Prolapse

· Support regarding preparing for birth

· Weak tummy muscles e.g Diastis rectus abdominus (tummy gap)

· Physiotherapy treatment following 3rd and 4th degree tears

Mummy MOTS

The Mummy MOT® is a specialist post-natal assessment recommended for all women following delivery – whether 6 weeks or many years after. Already part of every new mother’s standard post-natal rehabilitation in France, trained specialists assesses the strength and function of the tummy and pelvic floor muscles to help prevent long-term childbirth related complaints.

What does the Mummy MOT® include?

  • 1-hour post-natal assessment with a Specialist Post-natal Health Physiotherapist

  • In depth check of pelvic floor strength and tummy gap

  • Assessment of any physical problems arising from pregnancy and birth

  • A bespoke post-natal recovery programme devised especially for you, your lifestyle and fitness goals. This includes specific and safe post-natal exercises to improve stability, posture and core strength

Who needs a Mummy MOT®?

After having a baby, half of all women have a weakness in either their tummy or pelvic floor area – over a third suffer with chronic pelvic pain. This creates instability and poor core strength and results in altered transfer load, back pain, pelvic pain, bladder and bowel weakness.

A Mummy MOT® helps women avoid these distressing and often embarrassing symptoms. The assessment by a specialist physiotherapist of the tummy gap and pelvic floor will enable the creation of a bespoke post-natal recovery programme plan devised especially for the woman, her lifestyle and fitness goals, including specific and safe post-natal exercises to regain stability and optimum function.

Pelvic Health

We provide assessment and treatment of a wide range of pelvic health conditions

These conditions include

· Vaginal prolapse

· Bladder problems such as urinary incontinence and bladder urgency

· Chronic pelvic pain conditions

· Vulvodynia

· Vaginismus

· Painful intercourse (Dyspareunia)

What should I expect from my first appointment?

At your first appointment , you will be asked several questions to find out about your problems and concerns in more detail. Questions will be asked about your past medical history and social history.

Depending on your problems/concerns we are likely to assess your posture, pelvic alignment and stomach muscles. We are also likely to look at different everyday functional movements as well as movements or positions related to your problem.

If your problems are related to your pelvic floor, an internal examination is often advised to assess your pelvic floor function. This can be completed at your first session or later. We will discuss what it involves and why it is advisable. You do not have to have this examination and you have the right to change your mind at any time.

After a full assessment, we will discuss findings and plan of treatment.

On subsequent appointments we will spend time reassessing your symptoms and treatment plan. Treatment will be altered and progressed as necessary.

About Naomi Chanim

Naomi has been a qualified physiotherapist since 2002 and has been working as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist for 17 years.

Since having her 2 boys and experiencing a traumatic assisted delivery and a C-section, she has become passionate about helping and guiding mothers through pregnancy and into motherhood so they can be as happy, fit and active as they can be.

She also is passionate about every mother receiving a 6 week postnatal check for musculoskeletal and pelvic floor dysfunction and guiding woman back to exercise using a safe and person-centred approach. Her years of musculoskeletal experience and training in pelvic health give her a holistic approach.

She is an affiliate member if the Pelvic Obstetric and Gynaecological Physiotherapists, a Mummy MOT practitioner and has completed her APPI Matwork level 1 and Antenatal and postnatal Pilates courses


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