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My mum is 80 this year and I am becoming increasingly aware of my own

predispositions. (Happy Mother's Day mum by the way)

Having been a Chartered Physiotherapist for more than 30 years now, I know the

value of getting strong and keeping strong.

Our practice visits many patients in their home who have lost confidence, had a

slip, trip or a fall. And this is on the rise.

We're now living longer than ever and it's definitely worth investing time in

strength training to help to improve the quality of our lives and maintain mobility

and independence.

Although you might think aerobic exercise is all you need to do to stay physically active, adding strength training to your fitness routine helps you live a longer life, according to research from Harvard Medical School. A recent study from Penn State showed that older adults who did strength training twice a week had a lower risk of dying. Weight training builds lean muscle mass, which increases resting metabolic rate, and also improves balance, protects our joints, and strengthens our muscles and bones. You can use your own weight (resistance training), bands, calisthenics, free weights, or weight machines to reap the benefits. Weight training is the key for allowing the muscles to have the strength and endurance for the body to move during activities of daily living according to research from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Falls can pose a very serious health issue for older people and often lead to a

loss of confidence and independence and each year around a third of people

aged 65 and over and half of those aged 80 and over experience a fall.

It’s vital that as people get older they get the support to stay healthy and

maintain their strength and balance through being physically active.

Quadriceps are key to preventing falls so my 'go to exercise' is sit to standing.

Every time you get out of your chair, sit to stand 10 times without holding onto

the arms of the chair

And for those of you who are keen to 'pump iron', here is my quadriceps work

out which has taken me a while to build up to from sitting to standing.

If you or your loved one needs some confidence building to maintain and

improve mobility call us now on 020 7435 4910 to organise a clinic or home visit

And for those of you who like to work out, here is my quads programme for the

spring. Please make sure that you warm up and cool down and gradually build

up your weights so as not to injure yourself.




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