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The History of Hampstead Physiotherapy Sammy Margo Physiotherapy

For those of you that are interested in a our local history, Hampstead Physiotherapy - Sammy Margo Physiotherapy has been established and used as a Physiotherapy and Pilates Practice on the Finchley Road in Child's Hill Hampstead since 1993.

We have since expanded to Highgate Totteridge and run a Home Visiting Service throughout North and North West London

We are located in an area in Hampstead called Childs Hill at the junction of the Finchley Road and Cricklewood Lane on the west side of Hampstead Heath

Childs Hill took its name from Richard le Child, who in 1312 held a customary house and "30 acres" of its area, believed to be on the ancient long-held borders within Hendon rather than Hampstead.In the 18th century, Childs Hill was a centre for brick and tile making, supplying material for building Hampstead. And interestingly, it still does today with Leyland, Screwfix and Vargail as well as the Plumbing Merchant too.

The Castle Inn dates from this period: the first record of it is in 1751. The Castle Inn pub was formerly known as the Castle Inn and is older than the Finchley Road, which was used as a toll road from 1820 to 1871.

When I first arrived the Castle Inn was a great music venue, but was then developed into a fabulous block of flats.

It's now known as The apartments at Four5Two and these are available to purchase now with prices from £1.1m-£2.2m through Glentree.

Thankfully there is a an English Heritage blue plaque which commemorates the building's historic significance.

When I started at no 444 in 1993 it we used to get post to Satril records. This was owned by a famous chap called

Henry William Hadaway who, is considered a pioneer of UK independent record labels, and most notably successful for his production of "The Birdie Song" which was a hit credited to The Tweets and peaked at number 2 in the UK Singles Chart.

In parallel to running Satril Records, Hadaway founded and managed Satril Studios (a recording studio based in Finchley) that was regularly used by such top industry names as producers including Biddu and Steve Levine, and acts including Marvin Gaye and Kenny Lynch amongst the many others that came to record, produce and feature in sessions.

"The Birdie Song" was recorded in the basement of the practice and I am sure that lots of other stuff went on there too.

There was a bath, a kitchen and lots of 'break out' spaces

And it used to be a cool place to hang out into the early hours for people in the record industry according to local sources.

Another owner of 444 was the wife of a very famous novelist, former spy and occasional political commentator.

There were some great restaurants in Child's Hill ranging from Laurent Couscous, Mezzaluna and the famous Just around the Corner where you could pay whatever you felt the meal was worth.

444 Finchley Road it is now a perfect calm haven for Physiotherapy Treatments as well as Clinical Pilates

Since I have been there we have updated the building several times (I love building maintenance and having Leyland, Vargail and Screw fix on my doorstep helps)

We've now have 7 treatment rooms and a Pilates studio.

And although the building looks narrow, it is deep and tall.

You can park outside the front door, and it's just a few steps into the practice which is great for patients with mobility


We've got 3 ground floor rooms which is a huge bonus in London nowadays!

I love being based in Child's Hill. It has changed over the years and local developers have definitely upgraded the area. It's a great location with lots of lovely friendly useful shops ranging from Danny the Hairdresser, Beauty Therapists, Locksmith, DIY store central as well as several restaurants.

Hopefully in the months to come these will all re open and Child's Hill will flourish again

Stay safe!


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