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Will I recover from my stroke?

Because every stroke is different, there is no set pattern for recovering from one. The quickest recovery takes place in the days and weeks after a stroke. But recovery can continue for months and years after a stroke. Stroke survivors tell us that it can take a lot of effort and determination to keep going with rehabilitation. It can be very hard work, physically and mentally, but many people find it helps them make vital progress with speaking, walking and other key skills. Some people find it helps to get their family members and friends involved. Having help from other people can make it easier to practise regularly. Physiotherapists work with you to set achievable goals. You can keep a record of your progress and celebrate your successes. Rehabilitation in the early days is essential to your recovery and gradually you will feel able to do more

Sammy Margo Physiotherapy has specialist Neurological Physiotherapists who can help to rehabilitate you and get you stronger post stroke.

We carry out Covid-safe Home Visits with PPE and can get going as soon as you wish.

Your NHS physio appointment takes a while to come through and we are very accustomed to working with NHS physios to complement their treatments based on their availability.


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