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It's icy out there.....How to avoid slips and trip on the ice

It's icy out there so please take care!

I see so many slips and trips, so here are my tips to minimise the possibility of slipping over.

But, I still can’t guarantee that you won’t slip or trip

Here are my tips to minimise the risk if you really do have to go out:

  • avoid taking a handbag so you are not off balance

  • avoid chatting on the phone

  • concentrate on where you are placing your foot

  • use the grass verge if there is one

  • walk on main roads as they are more likely to be gritted

  • wear suitable footwear such as walking shoes,trainers or anything with a decent tread

  • slip a pair of socks over your footwear

  • consider buying snow grips/crampons (I have just bought some amazing ones and I’m still standing!)

  • walk with a wide stance

  • allow plenty of time to get to your destination

And finally in the even that you do slip allow yourself to ‘fall into it’ as opposed to resisting it so as to minimise and possible damage


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