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Is working from home giving you a pain in the neck and or back?

Many of you will now be working from home the foreseeable future. This is a huge change in the way we work and the space that we work in.

Working from home in a 'make shift' setting can flare up underlying injuries and based on research and experience, bad working postures can lead to aches and pains.

We can help you sort out your work set up and ensure that you are meeting your legal requirements.We do this by assessing your work station set up and make adjustments to the area.We also provide education to enable you to use your workstation more effectively to help avoid aches and pains developing in the future.

We can:

  • Explore your homework space via online or face to face with PPE

  • Give the immediate advice to make you comfortable in your home office

  • Minimise your spend on equipment that is not required

  • Get innovative ideas and practical solutions to support your wellbeing

  • Have your back/neck treated either face to face with PPE or online

A ‘display screen equipment’ or ‘ergonomic’ assessment, is a review of your work area, the devices you are using, your work tasks and how you set out your work duties. It forms part of a risk assessment to help reduce musculoskeletal pain or stiffness, headaches and / or eye strain.

It follows a systematic assessment of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines and provides you with advice on how to manage and risks that are identified.

You can self-funded desk assessment you can book via the “book” button or do speak to your employer to make a referral to us at

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