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Work from home tips

Working from home seems to be the new 'norm,' and looks like it is here to stay for a while.

As a practice we had to treat a huge number of necks, backs, shoulders and arms as well as headaches as a result of the shift in work locations...and there is plenty that you can do to improve your home based working conditions.

It is important to invest in a proper desk and chair or a standing desk as opposed to working hunched over at a kitchen or coffee table. Poor posture can cause tension and muscle tightness that can lead to back pain, whereas sitting upright and varying your desk heights can make you more alert and productive. If you find it difficult to maintain good posture, consider investing in a posture trainer that gently vibrates to prompt you to sit, stand and walk upright in just 2-3 weeks.

While at your desk, be sure not to sit cross-legged and have your feet flat on the floor with your bottom into the back of your chair.Ideally you need to not work from a laptop. Consider buying a second screen or second keyboard.

Make sure your screen is an arm’s length away and adjusted to a comfortable height for your eye line. Make sure you aren’t reaching forward for a landline phone or a mouse. Imagine you’re sat at a dinner table, your mouse should be where a knife should ordinarily be, as opposed to where you would have your glass. If straining to reach your mouse, this could result in neck, shoulder, forearm and hand pain and even pins and needles. If you experience this, it may be worth investing in a vertical or centrally positioned mouse.

When typing, make sure that your arms are either on the desk or the arms of the chair. I would also advise getting your eyes tested annually as if you’re straining to see your screen, this again will impact posture and may also cause tension headaches.

Avoid eating at your desk. Not only can pesky crumbs damage your keyboard, but sitting in one position for long periods of time may also have a detrimental impact on posture.

Regularly take breaks and walk around the house, also try standing while making phone calls.

And sofas aren't ideal for writing long emails.

Think about using dictation software.

This can make you more productive with less strain.


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